Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tips for Increasing Repeat Sales Online

Well, repeat sales can be the lifeblood for any business. So you should always stay updated with new and improved techniques for keeping customers coming back to your website.

Increasing sales through online marketing can be tough if you do not have a sound strategy. And a strategy that doesn't give space to repeat sales is useless.

So whether you are at the beginning of creating strategy or tweaking things up, include repeat sales in the goals too.

Here I will list quick tips to increase repeat sales online:

  1. Remember that the key deciders for online customers are ease of purchase and quality of service, rather than choice and price, so keep them posted with latest offers right in their email.
  2. If you're in fast-moving consumer goods or fashion, for example, you must replenish or introduce new stock regularly and keep them posted about it.
  3. Utilize the Search engine marketing at its best.
  4. Reward them with loyalty vouchers valid for their next purchase. 
  5. Offer free delivery on XX amount of purchase.
  6. Connect with customers over social media.
  7. Maintain a blog and let them subscribe.
  8. Send them a feedback followup on a purchase with some new ideas to buy.
Think of more possibilities that can create value for your buyers and they will surely be your returning customers.

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